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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Making Dental Care Important to Kids

Kids may not take dental care seriously, but it is still important for them to develop good oral hygiene habits. A healthy lifestyle is often created in childhood. This is why Dr. Robert B. Ruyak wants to ensure kids take an interest in their dental health. In our Bethlehem, PA dental practice, we care about the oral and overall health of all our patients.

Making dental care fun is a great way to get kids more on board with their own dental care and why it is important. For small kids, making a reward chart can entice kids to participate in daily oral care. Kids get a star for each day they brush twice and floss once. After a certain amount of days in a row, they can turn in their stars for a reward. They can be simple rewards like a trip to the park, the pool, a favorite dinner made, or a game night.

Letting your child choose their own dental supplies can also peak their interest. There are many options for toothbrushes that come in bright colors, cartoon characters, and even some that play music. For toothpaste, there are lots of fun flavors that can make brushing fun. Even floss comes favored.

To help kids understand the importance of oral care, show them kid-friendly videos explaining cavities and plaque. There are great resources for this online. It helps them understand why they are making brushing and flossing a priority.

Baby teeth are the place markers for adult teeth; so taking care of them is important! To schedule you child’s next visit with Dr. Robert B. Ruyak, DMD, call our office at (610) 861-0777 or visit our website,

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