Robert B. Ruyak, DMD

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Benefits of Using a Tongue Scraper

Have you ever stuck your tongue out in the mirror and noticed that is has a coated appearance? If so, investing in a tongue scraper might be helpful. If you have a coated tongue – a buildup of debris, bacteria and dead cells on your tongue – chances are your breath is not at its freshest peak. Given the wide variety of substances that travel through our mouths daily, Dr. Robert Ruyak, DMD suggests implementing a tongue cleaner into your oral hygiene routine to improve your overall oral health.

When we sleep, our digestive system remains awake, removing toxins from our body by depositing them onto the surface of our tongue. If we don’t scrape way these toxins, they are reabsorbed by the body and can lead to systemic conditions such as respiratory difficulties, digestive problems, and a compromised immune system. Tongue scrapers are a way to eliminate this coating that also causes bad breath. All you have to do is purchase one at a drugstore (they’re fairly cheap), put the tongue scraper on the back of your tongue and gently bring it forward, repeating as often as needed.

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